Honeymoon in Portland

Portland is a wonderful place. I’ve certainly enjoyed the rarities of this city and the subtleties of general west coast culture. My path has crossed with some rather diverse and eclectic people so far. The first homestead were staying with now is with a black English woman who works as a marketing director for Pandora internet radio. While getting aquatinted to the Alberta Arts neighborhood, we stopped in the local hippie organic food co-op yesterday when the person beside me dropped a huge glass container of dried peppers in the bulk section. It quickly felt like some kind of military defense testing for tear gas or something. People were coughing and crying..pulling shirts over their faces to the sensation of burning eyes and flaring nostrils. It was all worth it though when the young cashier with black frame glasses and über tight blue jeans walked over and said “..Ya know, that’s really interesting because those were dried red peppers in that jar,” in the most Portland kinda way. That show Portlandia really does nail it to a tee here. I had my first experience with ‘you-forgot-your-bag?’ today when I saw a righteous pair polyester pants at a shop downtown. “We’re a bag-less company, are you cool with carrying your clothes with you,” she asked as she handed me the change. Since Melanie and I found some bicycles to commute around town on, we had to wrap our new threads around our neck and waists to make it back to the house with them. We’ve just been looking at each other and laughing a lot, her & I. We saw an all chick punk band play tonight. What a partner she is to travel with, Melanie is. I still can’t believe I have her…
The food here is unquestionably well spread and fervently styled. One of the coolest parts are these parking lots throughout the city that are packed full of food trucks that never move. If you look hard enough you can find stuff like bourbon blueberry and basil doughnuts & strawberry honey balsamic vinegar and black peppercorn ice cream. It’s always nice to see local sustainability wherever you go. I was lucky to stumble into the most incredible record shop today..a tiny hole-in-the wall tucked away in the north east corner. Reverend Gary Davis was playing “Sally Where’d You Get Your Liquor From” as I opened the door and walked in. Whouda thunk? Anyway, just felt like saying hey before bed. I’ll try and check back in a few days. PS (for all of you baseball fans out there) Melanie’s lil brother made his MLB debut a week ago today. He was called into the game at a sold out Fenway Park to face David Ortiz in the bottom of the 7th inning with 2 outs & the tying run aboard. He worked him to a full count and threw a third strike to Big Poppi!! We all did somersaults when we heard it!! Just unbelievable. Sending all my love back home to you guys. Be blessed.

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