“I’m looking for those in-between notes; the ones that make you feel like you’ve got mashed potatoes between your toes…”


Jackson Dulaney currently resides in Asheville, NC where he is an involved member of the diverse music community. He has studied in various facets of music, from the Berklee College of Music in Boston to eclectic-niche-guitar-gatherings such as ResoSummit in Nashville.

Growing up around a vast collection of American roots music profoundly influenced his early relation with the guitar. “There was a framed rack of 400 cassette tapes over my parents bed growing up; I definitely stole a lot of music from my dad as a kid….Ry Cooder, Little Feat, old blues records. He’d sneak me into clubs to see Derek Trucks on week nights in middle school. ” As a teenager Dulaney would discover a natural love for slide, steel, and square-neck resophonic guitars in various scale lengths, string tensions, and tunings.

With versatility and adaptiveness, Dulaney’s strengths lay in the power of his subtleties and discerning attention to detail.  He has shared the stage with over 2 dozen bands and can currently be seen performing with The Blood Gypsies as well as The Aaron Burdett Band and a host of other friends throughout the southeast.

Dulaney has an effortless character about him with a technically disciplined obsession to his sound. There’s the licks and the chops, but not without melody, space, percussiveness, and sensitivity to group dynamics. You can follow Jackson on upcoming recordings, projects, performances, and news thru his blog.